володіти; зберігати; тримати; переховувати (майно); не порушувати (спокій, порядок); дотримуватися (правила, угоди)

keep a general supervision over the working of the courts — здійснювати загальний нагляд за діяльністю судів

keep dealings with clients secret — тримати у таємниці операції з клієнтами (про банк тощо)

keep service information secret — тримати в таємниці службову інформацію (інформацію для службового користування)

keep surveillance on one's home — здійснювати спостереження за чиїмсь домом (будинком)

keep the minutes of the session — вести протокол засідання

keep up a secret correspondence — (with smb.) підтримувати таємне листування (з кимсь)

keep wages abreast of the cost of living — підвищувати заробітну плату в залежності від зростання вартості життя

keep within the terms of reference — не виходити за межі повноважень

- keep a close watch
- keep a disorderly house
- keep a family
- keep a record
- keep a secret
- keep a state secret
- keep a term
- keep back a crowd
- keep bad company
- keep behind bars
- keep books
- keep close
- keep dark
- keep discipline
- keep domestic peace
- keep from aggressive action
- keep from aggressive actions
- keep from court
- keep guard
- keep in a detention center
- keep in close confinement
- keep in confinement
- keep in custody
- keep in detention
- keep in jail
- keep in solitary confinement
- keep in thralldom
- keep informed
- keep itself in office
- keep law current
- keep lost property
- keep mandate
- keep minutes
- keep order
- keep out
- keep out of
- keep out of danger
- keep out of debt
- keep out of mischief
- keep peace
- keep power
- keep private
- keep record
- keep records
- keep record clean
- keep secrecy
- keep secret
- keep securely
- keep the law
- keep the peace
- keep to the left
- keep to the protocol
- keep to the reference
- keep to the right
- keep to the right left
- keep to the terms of reference
- keep track
- keep under detention
- keep under guard
- keep under heavy guard
- keep under intense guard
- keep under observation
- keep under surveillance
- keep under surveille
- keep within the law
- keep within the bounds of law
- keep within the law
- keep within the reference
- keep within the speed limit
- keep within the time-limit

English-Ukrainian law dictionary.


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